Educational Programs

Education is the backbone of a Nation, without proper education we cannot build a community with good morals and values. As to achieve this AMYS conducts educational and career guidance programs, student seminars, counselling programs in various parts of the island. We also provide Stationeries, School bags and other necessary school items to the needy children so that they could go to their schools and continue studies.


AMYS conducts Student Seminars which are casual programs designed to provide students with an opportunity to explore leadership skills and to apply that in their life experiences. Students will be taught the evolution of leadership and personal strengths and on how to work with others as a team. They will also learn the important components of effective leadership and identifying strategies for creating a positive change.


These programs are designed to educate learners about personal career development and on how to make good career choices based on personal strengths, values, interests and abilities. Here Educative lectures Interactive individual and group activities are done.


The objective of this project is to encourage talented students particularly from poor families to continue their education without let or hindrance because of poverty confronting their families.


Distributing school stationeries to students of underprivileged families has been one of our regular educational programmes. Under the prevailing economic crisis of the country, school stationeries have become unaffordable to all impoverished families; the impact of which will doom the entire educational process of deprived families. In order to rectify this grave need, our association is enhancing this program by increasing the quantity of the distribution of books and stationeries to many folds so that more students will be directly benefited.