Social Welfare Programs

Orphan care, Emergency Aid and Self Employment are the main Social Welfare programs carried out by AMYS. We care the orphans and to build self-sufficient families we help selected individuals who are capable and talented in building their lives through self-employment. Our primary concern is to strengthen and increase the standard of the lives of the poverty ridden people in Sri Lanka.


The act of continuous charity will benefit a person in this world and even after his death. Caring orphans not only earns the reward of helping orphans, but is also a form of continuous charity. "Prophet Mohammed said that "The one who cares for an orphan and myself will be together in paradise like this," and he held putting his index and middle finger together to illustrate. A monthly payment is made to the educational expenses of the orphans. Outdoor programs such as educational trips, gift of clothes and school stationery etc. are among the many benefits we provide them. A total of nearly 2000 orphans from different locations have benefited from this project.


In the aftermath of disasters, emergency relief activities are organized at the earliest possible time. In addition to the immediately needed medical and food facilities, other basic amenities as such as tents, clothes, utensils etc. are provided to help and ease the hardships of the victims and restore normalcy on an accelerated pace. Medical Camps are conducted immediately after natural disasters the one such as the Tsunami tidal devastation in 2004 and or the floods that occurs occasionally. Medical teams comprising of general and specialist practitioners in various disciplines provides this service at a time of the gravest need and amidst grave hardships.


In order to economically strengthen and socially integrate the less privileged and un-employed youth; facilities are provided to encourage them to take to self-employment ventures, as a means of generating a regular income, we aid them financially or provide them with necessary equipment. We support those who are interested in animal husbandry with livestock. These self-employment projects are of immense benefit to the families of these people to build a better life. Thanks to the sponsorships.


In certain rural and urban locations water is very scarce and in some other places drinking water is totally unavailable. For the benefit of people in such locations Deep wells, Tube-wells, Wells with tanks and Water supply lines are provided. So far Nearly 10,940 Deep Wells, 5602 Tube Wells and 187 Deep Wells with tanks are built in areas where water is scarce and also 728 Domestic Water connections are provided in different locations.