Each donation is an essential help which improves everyone's life

Orphans Care​

The act of continuous charity will benefit a person in this world and even after his death. Caring orphans not only earns the reward of helping orphans, but is also a form of continuous charity.

Distribution of School Stationeries

In order to rectify this grave need, our association is enhancing this program by increasing the quantity of the distribution of books and stationeries to many folds so that more students will be directly benefited.

Cataract- Eye Operation​

For those who have had cataract in their eyes and could ill-afford the enormous cost of the surgery). Eye operations are performed completely free of charge on an annual or biannual basis since 2001.​

Free Spectacles

For those suffering from defective vision particularly the children and the old from less-privileged sections, spectacles are issued after subjecting them to the mandatory eye tests.

Self Employment​

In order to economically strengthen and socially integrate the less privileged and un-employed youth; facilities are provided to encourage them to take to self-employment ventures.

Occasional Programs​

Our Occasional activities are mainly in the Holy month of Ramadan and in the month of Hajj. In the month of Ramadan we conduct Ifthar programs, distribution of Dry Foods & some other activities.