Occasional Programs

Our Occasional activities are mainly in the Holy month of Ramadan and in the month of Hajj. In the month of Ramadan we conduct Ifthar (Breaking fast) programs. Distribution of Dry Foods, Dresses for the needy families are some other activities.


The project was first inaugurated in 1997. Ifthar programmes are held in selected locations. We receive requests for the Ifthar from Universities, Students of Colleges of Education and other such organizations, the poorest locations in the remote rural areas take precedents over those from others.


AMYS distributes Food hampers of dry provisions containing day to day food items particularly during the month of Ramadan among the poor segments of people living across Sri Lanka as an effort to reduce their life burden. Most of the beneficiary families are selected from women headed homes and less income families.


During the Holy month of Ramadan competitions are held to encourage, enlighten and display the talents of the young and the elderly of their knowledge of Islam. Quiz competitions on Islam and Islamic History and Quran Recital competitions are conducted through social media and the winners are presented with valuable gifts.


As a part of the Ifthar Saaim (Breaking the Fast) programme in the month of Ramadan, dates packets to needy families are distributed through Masjid and or directly. We acknowledge with sincere gratitude and appreciation the gifts of dates in bulk from the government of Saudi Arabia as well as from a number of benefactors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Masjid and Islamic centres in certain areas are selected for the dates distribution.


With the objective of sharing the joy of the Eid (Festival) day celebrations with the poor, clothes are gifted to selected families in rural areas. Priority in this regard is given to the down-trodden people in various parts of the country.