Health Programs

AMYS conducts free Medical and Eye camps to provide health care services to meet the immediate health care needs of the communities in rural areas and slums around the country irrespective of Religion and Race. We organize blindness control programs such as free eye camps (surgical treatment for cataract patients), Free vision screening camps and providing spectacles , blood donation camps and awareness programs to educate people about diseases and on how to prevent them.


Medical Camps are conducted over a number of rural communities made up of low income households and where people lack access to basic health care and specialist treatments. The medical camps we conduct provide free consultation, treatment and advice from specialist qualified doctors as well as access to free medication on prescription. AMYS organizes free medical camps to make the people aware of their health. A team of general practice doctors attend the camp. The doctors examine patients one by one diagnosing all weaknesses and illnesses and prescribe medicine. Conditions like anaemic problems, skin problems, dental problems, stomach problems and other diseases, for which patients received free medicines from the dispensary.


For those who have had cataract in their eyes and could ill-afford the enormous cost of the surgery (cataract removal and lens planting). Eye operations are performed completely free of charge on an annual or biannual basis since 2001. Over the last 22 years period, 26 eye camps have been held in a number of locations. Around 25,000 have benefited from this Eye Camp. This service is open to all people irrespective of any religion. The support of our donors makes it possible for AMYS to fulfil its humanitarian’s missions. We are deeply grateful for the generosity of individuals, corporations and health authorities concerned and foundations in general and to Al Basar International Foundation in Saudi Arabia in particular, who help us to conduct these camps successfully.


For those suffering from defective vision particularly the children and the old from less-privileged sections, spectacles are issued after subjecting them to the mandatory eye tests. This service has been provided for quite a long period of time and is open to all people. Free medical advice too is a part of this project.


Blood donation is one of the most significant contributions that a person can make towards the society. "There is no substitute to blood" and donating blood is a meritorious task which helps to cure the ill and save lives. AMYS organizes blood donation camps occasionally in collaboration with hospitals to contribute its part towards this worthy act.